Wisconsin Associates of Patient Advocacy - Formerly WSHCA
Patient Advocacy Community

Becoming a Member

Wisconsin Associates of Patient Advocacy (WISAPA) is looking for patient advocates/representatives from across the State. We are anxiously searching for our fellow colleagues. You are not alone in your quest for patient satisfaction. Join us as we work to increase our membership and become a part of our State Chapter. Hear our stories of how we have survived in our roles. Join our Buddy Link program and gain a mentor for your new role, or if you have been a patient advocate for a long time consider being a mentor.

If you are in a patient advocate role, and are seeking more information about WISAPA, please contact JoAnn Lomax, RN MS, President. Contact Us...

Eligibility and Membership Levels

Member: An individual who is employed by a health care provider or health related organization to provide advocacy for patients and consumers of health care services.
Only members may vote and hold elective offices.

Associate: An individual who functions as a consultant in the field of health care consumer advocacy.

Honorary: An individual so designated by the board of directors for his or her contribution to the field of health care consumer advocacy and the objectives of the society.

Meetings and Conferences

The society meets bi-annually and tri-state conferences are announced as scheduled. The Spring Conference is the society's annual business meeting.

The Wisconsin Associates of Patient Advocacy's vision is to provide its members with education, information, and networking opportunities. We encourage and support the development of advocacy programs in health care organizations. WISAPA disseminate information to assist program developers in health care organizations.

Contact Info

Phone: +1-414-805-4652
Address: 9200 W. Wisconsin Avenue, Milwaukee, WI 53226
E-mail: jlomax@froedtert.com

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