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Wisconsin Associates of Patient Advocacy (WISAPA)

On January 01, 2014 Society for Healthcare Consumer Advocacy (SHCA) was integrated with The Beryl Institute. This change allowed the Wisconsin Society for Healthcare Advocacy (WSHCA) to become an independent entity and renamed Wisconsin Associates of Patient Advocacy (WISAPA).


To ease the ability of chapters to manage their independent needs, and to ensure a clear and simple relationship between former SHCA chapters and The Beryl Institute (and the Patient Advocacy Community).


The Beryl Institute is committed to ensuring the greatest level of engagement of local, state or regional groups in a number of ways. The Beryl Institute will provide opportunities for local communities to gain access to its broader resources:
(a) Link to local community websites.
(b) Membership Opportunities - a discount of 20% off membership to The Beryl Institute will be provided all paid members of a local community and
(c) Relationship - The Beryl Institute will recognize any local Patient Advocacy Community that has a formal leadership structure and a membership roster of at least 10 current paying members.
Welcome to a new era in advocacy!

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The Wisconsin Associates of Patient Advocacy's vision is to provide its members with education, information, and networking opportunities. We encourage and support the development of advocacy programs in health care organizations. WISAPA disseminate information to assist program developers in health care organizations.

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Phone: +1-414-805-4652
Address: 9200 W. Wisconsin Avenue, Milwaukee, WI 53226
E-mail: jlomax@froedtert.com

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